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A strong feature in my work output as a composer is the use of different styles as a structural element on the same level as melody, harmony, rhythm, and texture. This pluralistic approach very often leads to the use of multiple styles or elements belonging to different styles within a single composition, either in quick succession or even simultaneously.

Sound Design

I started my exploration of sound design while studying in Italy. My first explorations used CSound. This enabled me to taste the power that programming for audio allows. Today I use a mixture of synthesis and audio manipulation of pre-recorded sounds in my work.


I am very passionate about music and I believe that a conductor should be a role model for the members of an orchestra, band or group, and should engage and inspire the performers while enhancing their love for music and the pieces being prepared in particular.


I play various brass instruments and sung in choirs as a bass.

Currently, I play the French Horn with various orchestras as well as the Tuba with Accidentals with whom I recently went on tour in France.

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Music Tuition

I have experience in teaching music and music Technology in secondary schools, as well as at 6th Form level. I am also active as a private music tutor. I always aim to build my students' knowledge to the point where they become independent learners. Reading music is thought as part of this process in order to enable students to learn a new piece of music at the appropriate level unaided.


My research explores various aspects of music and the compositional process. I am interested in the dimension of time and its various manifestations in the organisation of sound as well as our perception of it. The initial stages of a composition are of particular interest to me. That very fragile moment when a composition can happen or not. The moment that changes a blank page into something physical no matter how rough it is. It is like a newly found diamond. How is it to be treated? What are the potentials of a newly captured idea?

About Me

As a qualified Sound Design Artist and Composer with extensive experience in various aspects of music, technology and teaching, Anthony currently practices as an independent music professional, engaging in various activities spanning from composition to conducting and from research to teaching.

Anthony studied music in Malta, Italy and the UK. He obtained his PhD in Music from the University of Surrey where his research concentrated on various aspects of the compositional process, elements of sound design, and experimental audio software tools.

He developed a technique to generate new musical material from an initial idea which is based on Allen Forte's set theory analysis technique and researched various experimental software for audio manipulation, including the COMPOSERS' DESKTOP PROJECT (CDP).

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Brisk is a part of a show reel that I produced.

Show Reel

This is a set of ten very short pieces that can be used as ringtones for mobile phones.


This is a piece for Symphonic Band in 5 movements. Score and parts are available for performance from myself. Below you can hear a computer generated rendition of two movements. Go to soundcloud to hear the rest.

Una Fantasia Animata

Alla Guerra!

Slide 2 from Slide Show

Slide 2 is concerned mainly with the idea of time as it is crystallised in music by the barline and the usually fixed lengths of the bars. Here, accents move around. Phasing has been explored in styles related to minimalism, and electronic music. A classical example of of phasing is György Ligeti's Poème Symphonique for 100 metronomes. Other composers have battled the tyranny of the barline. Some names to mention include Stravinsky and Carter, who is renowned for his metric modulations.

In slide 2 I wanted to juxtapose the different positions of the accents, and in fact, the piece start with the accent misplaced when compared to the meter of the music.

Music begins where the possibilities of language end

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