Anthony Bonello

This is the website for Composer and Conductor Anthony Bonello

This website is updated regularly.

The following are some examples of web pages that I have developed

They will form part of my future web development portfolio:

Project Repository Technology Description
Chaplin Tribute GitHub Repository HTML CSS JavaScript Bootstrap Practice in all three languages but especially JavaScript
Exploring Bootstrap GitHub Repository HTML CSS Bootstrap This project started as practice in using bootstrap and developed into something that later I will use to rebuild my website as a musician.
Exploring AngularJS - - -
Diving Man - - -
Exolore SVG - - -
SIMON Game - - -
Thorin and Company GitHub Repository - -
My First Chat GitHub Repository - -
WebAudio App - HTML CSS JavaScript WebAudioAPI It should work in all browsers that support WebAudio API like Firefox and Chrome.
Addition Game - HTML CSS jQuery Bootstrap Python Flask Jinja JSON This project's purpose is to explore how to get more than one user logged in at one time without interfeering. I used object-oriented design. I also used a JSON to store the data about the users and games played. Additionally, if a user is logged in and tries to log in somewhere else, be it a different tab on the same browser or a totally different device, the user will be warned and given the option to proceed, thus deleting the previous session or abort the current log in attempt.


I also invite you to have a look at my Splendens Media page, where you can see some more examples of my web development.